Code: Chapter 5

Franchises & Communication Systems

Article 1 Franchises in General
Sec. 5-1-10 Procedure
Sec. 5-1-20 Public improvements

Article 2 Emergency Telephone Service
Sec. 5-2-10 Authorization
Sec. 5-2-20 Initial emergency telephone charge
Sec. 5-2-30 Collection of emergency telephone charge


Franchises in General

Sec. 5-1-10. Procedure.

(a) No franchise or license giving or granting to any person the right or privilege to erect, construct, operate or maintain a street railway, electric light system or plant, telephone or telegraph system within the Town, or to use the streets, alleys or other public places in said Town for any of such purposes, shall be granted or given in any other manner than hereinafter provided.

(b) Any person desiring to secure a franchise or license for any of the purposes herein named shall cause a notice of his or her intentions to apply to the Town Council for the passage of an ordinance granting such franchise or license, to be posted, as hereinbefore provided by the Town Council, for a period of at least ten (10) days immediately next prior to the next regular meeting of the Town Council at which it is intended to apply for the passage of the ordinance granting or giving such franchise or license; and such notice shall specify the regular meeting of the Town Council at which it is intended to make such application, the name of the applicant therefor, a general description of the rights and privileges to be applied for and the time for and terms upon which such franchise or license is desired. Such notices shall be posted in at least two (2) public places. (Prior code 17 §6; Ord. 2007-4 §1)

Sec. 5-1-20. Public improvements.
Nothing in this Article shall prohibit the Town from purchasing or erecting public improvements in the manner provided by law. (Prior code 17 §8; Ord. 2007-4 §1)


Emergency Telephone Service

Sec. 5-2-10. Authorization.

(a) The Town Council has previously, by resolution, authorized the Mayor to enter into the intergovernmental agreement providing for the implementation of the 911 emergency telephone system in Jefferson County.

(b) As a part of said authorization, it is necessary, under the provisions of Section 29-11 -102(2), C.R.S., to impose a service charge for the funding of said 911 system. (Ord. 85-1; Ord. 2007-4 §1)

Sec. 5-2-20. Initial emergency telephone charge.
The Town Council, in accordance with those provisions, hereby imposes a charge of seventeen cents ($.17) per telephone subscriber line within the Town for all telephone service customers. (Ord. 85-1; Ord. 2007-4 §1)

Sec. 5-2-30. Collection of emergency telephone charge.
The Town hereby authorizes the Emergency Telephone Authorization Board to direct telephone service providers to begin collecting these charges and to remit said charges to the Authorizing Board as provided for in Section 29-11-103, C.R.S. (Ord. 85-1; Ord. 2007-4 §1)

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