Town of Mountain View Annual Electronics Recycling Event-Nov. 6, 2021 from 10am to 2pm

Have old electronics recycling items to dispose of in a sustainable way? Mayor Levy and Public Works Director Bird have scheduled another community electronics recycling event. 

The Town of Mountain View is contracting with Techno Rescue, LLC to staff this event on Saturday November 6th, 2021, between 10 am and 2 pm. The event will be north of the Mountain View Town Hall, on 43rd Ave. just east of Benton St. Techno Rescue will have an onsite team to do all unloading of items. The provider suggests that all attendees remain in their vehicles unless items are not easily accessible.

Techno Rescue will provide containers, sort items, and collect payment directly from residents for items with a cost attached. They recycle most things for free. Other items, like TVs, will be recycled for a fee*. Following is a list of accepted items which will be free to recycle, as well a list of unaccepted items:

Cables                                                   Digital Watches                                                 Typewriters

Calculators                                          Alarm Clocks                                                       Vacuums

Cameras and lenses                         I-pods                                                                    Boomboxes

Car Stereos                                         Radios, and Speakers Headphones              Vintage Electronics

Cassette Tapes/VHS tapes            Pagers                                                                      Video Games

CDs/DVDs                                              Lamps                                                                    Baby Monitors

Cell Phones                                          Electric Guitars/Keyboards                             Video Game Consoles

Computer Monitors                           Webcams                                                             Hoover Boards

Computer Towers                               Security Cameras                                              Amazon Firesticks

Laptops                                                    Projectors                                                          Stereo Equipment

Desktop Copy Machines                    Microphones                                   Small kitchen appliances

Electric power tools                             Amps                                                                   Speakers

Telephones                                              Fans                                                                     AC Adaptors

DVD/VCR player                                      Electric Toys                                                     Walkie Talkies

Drones                                                        Turntables                                                       Sewing Machines

Electric Lawn Mower                             Christmas Lights                                           POS Machines

Electric Scooters                                     Credit Card Machines                                 Satellite Dishes

Electrical Wire and Stereo Cables     Ink and Toners                                              Cable Boxes

Hard Drives and Memory                     Carpet Cleaners                                             Wire Ethernet

Keyboards and Mice                               GPS Devices                                                    Remotes

Computer Parts                                        Sanitized Medical Equipment           Electric Fireplaces

Microscopes                                                 Flash Drives                                                Remote Controls

Modems/Routers                                       External Hard Drives                                   Microwaves

Network Switches                                      PDA                                                                  Desktop Printers

Paper Shredders                                         Docking Stations                                        Power Cords

Servers and Network equipment         Hair Dryers/Curling Irons                          And  More….


Items which are NOT Accepted:

Techno Rescue will not accept any of the following non-conforming items onsite. They will help aid attendees and let them know where they can take the items so the items can be safely recycled.

Alkaline or household batteries • Light bulbs • PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) ballasts or other PCB containing material • Freon equipment • Mercury or equipment containing Mercury • Gasoline or other combustible fuel equipment • Pressurized tanks or canisters • Aerosol cans • Office furniture • Paper • Books • Cardboard • Plastic • Glass • Tires • Fluids • Paint • Solvents • Chemicals • Smoke detectors • Carbon monoxide detectors • Thermostats • Neon signs • Radioactive equipment or materials • Un-sanitized healthcare or medical equipment • Items containing asbestos

* Attendees will be responsible for the cost of recycling the following items.

Techno Rescue will accept cash and credit cards as well as personal checks made out to Techno Rescue.

  • $5 per LCD monitor (LCD All in one and iMac computers are charged as LCD monitors
  • $25 for each TV (including flat screen TVs) and CRT monitor that is 21” and smaller
  • $50 for each TV (including flat screen TVs) and CRT monitors that are 22” and larger
  • $50 for each floor model printer.
  • $100 for each projection/DLP/console TV.

Have questions about what is and what is not accepted? Please call Techno Rescue directly for answers.


TECHNO RESCUE, LLC ~ 3251 Lewiston St., Ste 10, Aurora, CO 80011

(303)482-2207 ~

Downloadable PDF Flyer 

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